What is Ondine?

We live in a world made of images. Our main senses in our worldly life are sight and hearing. While it’s difficult to isolate sounds from the background noise, it is definitely easier to isolate images, because we focus on them only one per time.

Ondine is a 5-tools instrument to work with images, both professionally and personally. All tools, if integrated and used at the same time, will provide you or your company with professional images for social networks, websites, blogs and so on.

These five tools are:

  • Ebook covers, to create covers for books and ebooks;
  • Social cover, to create professional covers for the main social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+; it’s ideal to convey your brand or to advertise your personal image or business;
  • Flyers, to create any kind of flyer for your company, personal business or any other kind of activity you want to advertise efficiently;
  • Infographics, to convey data, messages, articles in an easy way, letting every reader to understand them quickly and capture everyone’s attention;
  • Storytelling. A unique tool to allow your brand to become an interesting story, followed by many, episode by episode. Or just sharing quotes to get attention from more people.

Are they useful for my personal, of professional life?

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 14.12.03One can think that every action of his has some effect on or off the web. And it’s true, until a certain point. Most of our actions get dispersed in the sea of advertisement and marketing of the hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that are making their ways.

How to differentiate then?

In a business, the first important thing that matters is our customers and products, or services, that we are selling, no doubt. However, getting the attention of the customers requires a step forward.

And this step is called integration. One thing is having an integrated brand image; another thing is to advertise it in a proper way.

Ondine is allowing it to become reality. Let’s see how.

Getting new tools into business

Let’s suppose you already have a brand, in a start-up or established company. First of all, you can use our Flyers tool to create them in a very impressive way, but still simple and cheap to make.

Secondly – or firstly, the order doesn’t really matter – you have to create or reorganize your social pages.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 14.12.11That means that you have not only to create a coordinate image on your profile and cover photos, which attract people’s attention. The most important thing is that you have to change all of them quite periodically. But you don’t want to lose time in it; you would like to make them nicely in a short time. That’s where Social Covers comes in.

Of course you don’t want to advertise raw facts on your company or person, but you want to involve your social readers. So, for that, you need a story. And the Storytelling tool is perfect for this task, allowing you to do so quite quickly. Of course the main idea should be yours, however putting it into practice becomes easy.

Once you have a story to tell, you would like your readers to share their ideas, their thoughts and opinion with you.

So you will need to present something more concrete, more solid than just concepts. You need to show some data, or statistics, on a regular basis that validate your selling of the product.

But statistics are boring, and make all the readers to run away. Unless we use an infographic to present them. However, creating infographics can be very expensive, especially if we publish at least one of them every week or two.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 14.11.42Infographics is our tool for you. Cheap and efficient, it comes in for your help to prevent the rising of the expenses, and it lets you create and shape your ideas and data.

Eventually, you come up to a point in which you would like to create a little book of the company, with its story, its successes and focal points. Maybe just a little pamphlet that will strengthen the corporate, or personal image. Ebook cover is the tool for you. You can create one or many covers, and adapt them to every important book or ebook format. So you can publish online or offline your branded book with little cost and effort, even twice per year or more!

So, the Ondine tools family is perfect for any business. Moreover, we offer tips, suggestions and advices on how to use them the best way. Every tool’s website has its own blog, and we present also news and trends on each topic.

To add something more to it, subscribing to each account will give special services from our part, such as personalized assistance and customer care, to help you centre your needs, through our help.

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