Ondine is a simple and powerful design software that enables non-professionals to easily design ebook covers, infographics, flyers and much more.


SIMPLE AND INEXPENSIVE. You don’t need expensive and complex graphic software, ONDINE is in the cloud and you don’t need to install any software on your computer or tablet!


Create a cover for your books and ebooks.


Create personalized and special images with texts to share on all social networks.

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 Features: the power of Ondine




Designing a cover, an infographic or any graphic has never been so simple! Drag and drop your elements and you are ready to go. No need for any professional or graphic skill!


Ready to go templates

Choose the template that’s right for you, and make all the changes you want. Templates are starting points for creating your personal and original graphic designs.

Thousands graphic items

You can choose among thousands of images, backgrounds, fonts and more. Thanks to Ondine, you will be able to make any changes that suits your needs for your graphical design.

Mobile ready

100% online and in the cloud. Nothing to install on your computer, no programs required. Use it from your PC browser or from your tablet.

Few minutes to go

Register your account in few simple steps, and use it immediately. No fees for trying, and in minutes you can export your creation.

Unlimited updates

All Ondine tools are constantly updated with new templates, images, and blog posts to help you use them the best way possible.

Latest Blog Posts

We present to you our corporate news, B2B advices and Ondine blog

Five powerful tools to integrate for your business

Five powerful tools to integrate for your business

What is Ondine? We live in a world made of images. Our main senses in our worldly life are sight and hearing. While it’s difficult to isolate sounds from the background noise, it is definitely easier to isolate images, because we focus on them only one per time....

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Omniteca Lab launches its e-Book Cover Creator

Omniteca Lab launches its e-Book Cover Creator

Update: ebookcover.pro is now part of Ondine a more greater tool to design cover. Summary Today, Omniteca Lab, a leading web-based graphic design solution, is pleased to announce the launch of its one-of-a-kind app: e-book cover creator that can create 100% unique...

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About Us

Ondine is a project thought for companies and people to get their work easier and cheaper. It’s a start-up with consolidated professionals, born in 2014, with already good and ready products to present to you.

Alex gained six years of experience as academic director, editor and journalist in the past.

Alex Buaiscia

Customer Service and Outreach

Monica is the COO of Ondine, taking care of the money side and making sure that we can afford our paychecks!

Monica Pintozzi

COO & Co-Founder

Videomaker, graphic designer, computer geek. The beautiful Ondine templates and designs are by him!

Carmelo Emmi

Design Lead

Software architect with 15 years of experience, especially in open source technologies. He has begun his career when he was 12 years old, when he managed his first business on a Laser 500 computer, developing and selling a very popular game show (football pool). Now he is involved in a series of web projects, one of these being Ondine.

Giovanni Marco Nicolazzo

CEO/CTO & Co-Founder

FFA is a management consulting boutique with decades of experience, focused on innovation and internationalization, active mainly in Europe and with offices in Italy, Germany and the UK. We are both working with large corporations but also with start-ups offering a range of venture services.


Fast Forward Advisors (FFA)

Advisor & Strategic Partner

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